„I am still learning.“
Michelangelo (1475-1564)

do not depend on luck but E = m * c2

Effect = Motivation * Competence * Coaching

The world around us is changing fast.
Organizations need to recognize that and react fast.
This creates a great need to align processes and organizational units.

I am convinced and experience in my daily work with clients that motivated and competent teams can achieve the seemingly impossible thanks to expert coaching. My work focuses on such times of change.

The goal is get processes to flow and to create coherence across an organization.
As a physicist I know what that means: coherence makes the difference between a laser and a light bulb.

Coherent organizations are able to produce extraordinary results.
They master the laser-sharp deployment of the scarcest of all resources: human creativity.

A consultant's competencies must therefore stay up to date:

Feel free to check out my publications or my blog. To me, writing is "thinking in slow motion". It is the "Tai Chi of thinking": like the practitioner of martial arts will practice movements in slow motion, writing allows sharpening one's own thinking. As for a turn-kick practiced in Tai Chi, imprecisions in thinking will show up immediately when you write them down.

Try writing down your strategy on 1-3 pages of text.
If that is not possible, or if it feels odd, then chances are you can improve your strategy.

Furthermore, my publications help me in my coaching and teaching work. Many of the articles are on recurring themes. For one client, I was coaching about 60 improvement project leaders over a bit more than a year. Such "volume-coaching" is only possible if you can refer practitioners fast to relevant content - and then later discuss in depth.

Reading is sometimes seen as a "luxury" in business. It is not. It is the fastest way to learn. I believe consultants need to be voracious readers. I am also meeting other practitioners in improvement, innovation, strategy and change to learn from them as much as I can.

Lastly, I constantly work on my approaches for facilitation and coaching: how can I help individuals and teams become more effective, more motivated, more focused on the right things - and then allow them to do these things the right way? That means sourcing from a broad range of different methods and approaches and to allow my clients to experiences them in one flow - instead of improvising or diving into different and often hard-to-grasp schools of thought.

What gets me out of bed in the morning is my fascination around the interfaces between people, data and methods. I know in this intersection lies great opportunity. I want to help organizations lift that potential.

At the start of my client engagements it is often not clear which set of methods and approaches will be most conducive to success. I believe, and experience over and over again, how important a broad-band mastery of proven methods is to produce lasting succes.

I help organizations from strategy creation to strategy execution:

- Structured strategic thinking nad strategy creation
- Systematic strategic planning (namely following the Hoshin Kanri approach)
- Systematic and learning-based innovation of products, services and business models
- Performance improvement of processes, products and services
- Cultural and organizational change.

As strategy consultant, Six Sigma Master Black Belt and doctor in experimental physics

with experience, training and certifications in Lean, Innovation, Change Management, Quality Management, Controlling and Project Management I can offer support through a broad range of proven methods.

My goal is,

to make reliable, repeatable, scaleable and teachable methods common practice in modern organizations. First-class facilitation and coaching play a key role in that.

I will consider myself successful if

I have helped leadership teams and employees achieve lasting success.
When the work is done, not only have hard-to-crack goals been achieved.
Also, all involved will be happy about their role in this common success.

My motto is:

make change happen!

Make change happen“!

Because the art is to achieve
lasting change and sustainable improvement!