„I am still learning.“
Michelangelo (1475-1564)

do not just happen by chance!

On the contrary, they are the result of
- superior analytical insights
- a winning strategy
- sound planning
- change that is embraced and
- excellence in running the daily business.

Such transformations are conducted by organizations that are able to deliver on today's expectations while at the same time creating tomorrow's business. Some aspects may be an "art" or flowing from "intuition". For many, however, there are proven methods you can build on.

In your company, I can accompany you from strategy formulation to execution:

- innovation
- new processes or new products
- optimization of process chains
- cultural and organizational change.

As strategy consultant, Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a doctor in physics

with a strong background in Lean, Innovation, Change Management, Quality Management,
Controlling and Project Management, I offer solid experience and a broad portfolio of methods to formulate and execute your strategy.

My vision is,

to see reliable, deployable, scalable and teachable methods widely used in modern business. Contributing to that in your organization will be my honor.

My success is,

to work out a way to your lasting success. I do this together with you, your leadership team and your people.

My motto is:

make change happen!

Make change happen“!

Because the art is to achieve
lasting change and sustainable improvement!