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These webinars show the focus of my interest and my work.

Practical Business Analytics - Designing Marketing Campaigns Through Scientific Experimentation

M. Ohler on February 6th 2015 on www.bmgi.com.

If you believe "designed experiments" are not applicable to your area, then get inspired by this case study. A bank wants to bring to market their new prepaid card and is designing the marketing campaign. The case study also explores some of the statistical methods you will need to master. We also look at cultural aspects:
"Growth" is part of your operational strategy? - Then there's no way around conducting many experiments, or you are leaving huge potentials unaddressed. How do you create that culture of experimentation and learning in your organization? - Well, just listen in.

Practical Business Analytics - Profit Optimization

M. Ohler on Sep 26th 2014. On www.bmgi.com.

In this webinar, I look at a case study coming from Marketing. Crunching the data helps understand how to maximize profits - by millions of Euros. I also look into how to deploy such methods to an organization. The example comes from Marketing. The application is much broader. Comments after the webinar were: "intriguing".

Make your data tell their story - room cleaning in a hotel

M. Ohler on Aug 29th (Webinar). On www.bmgi.com.

This webinar in 12 videos guides you step-by-step through what I call "DDD - data due diligence". It also responds to the common question: can business-analytical methods also be applied to services? Yes, that is possible - check it out!

How to build a great vision

M. Ohler on May 23rd 2014(Webinar). On www.bmgi.org.

A great vision is not just "that statement we see hung up in the entrance hall". Most people know that, of course. A great vision can be all-decisive for business success. Yet: how do we elaborate a great vision?
This webinar puts together approaches I have used with numerous client teams and perfected over time.

Maximizing Results: How To Make Accurate Improvement Estimates During Project Selection

M. Ohler on February 26th 2014(Webinar). On www.bmgi.org.

All too often, companies feel urged to drive cost reduction initiatives at the expense of performance improvement like a faster delivery, for example. The benefit of the latter is simply harder to assess financially. As a consequence, cost reduction is prioritized. This leaves many an opportunity un-addressed.
My webinar presents and explores methods that can also be introduced in your company to make accurate benefit estimates for performance improvement projects.

Creating an innovation infrastructure

M. Ohler, 18th of October 2013 (Webinar). On www.bmgi.org.

Reliable, planable, scalable and repeatable innovation is not just "luck. It is rather the result of a sound infrastructure". The "philosophers' stone" may not be found yet, but much can be said about what works and what does not. In our experience, it is crucial to:
- build an ambidextrous organization
- carefully set up the critical roles for innovation
- synchronize the important processes for innovation and to
- recognize, understand and steer the natural conflicts between daily operations, improvement and innovation.
Furthermore, a simple model allows to assess a company's current infrastructure and derive measures and actions from that analysis.

Die Herausforderung, Veränderung zu führen ("The challenge of leading change")

M. Ohler 24th of July 2012 (Webinar, in German). On Youtube.

This webinar explores the urgency and critical importance of "managing change". We tend to assume we are good "change managers" simply because we are good managers of daily business. Change, however, and leading it puts us in front of completely new challenges.

Introduction to Dr. Michael Kirton's Adaption-Innovation Theory

M. Ohler on March 23, 2012 (webinar) www.bmgi.com.

Creativity and problem solving are just the two sides of the same coin. Theory and application of "adaptive" and "innovative" problem solving.

The challenge of innovation

M. Ohler on January 30th, 2012 (webinar) www.bmgi.com.

Every company wants to boost "innovation". There are a couple of challenges they need to tackle for doing so...

Time in - time out: make more out of your leadtime data

Michael Ohler on November 23rd 2011. Webinar. Available on www.BMGI.org.
German version: www.BMGI.de.

These data are omnipresent: "time in - time out". It is surprising that rarely companies fully use such data. Six views on them allow you to gain the most valuable insight, as will be argued in this webinar mainly based on case studies out of the logistics and airline industries.

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