If you don’t quite know what expertise you need, if creative, cross-disciplinary approaches and engaging your people matter:
Please give me a call.

I consider myself a “curious generalist”, more than an expert.
Thankfully, in a world of fast and unforeseen change,
many opportunities require generalists.

Thanks to
10 years in research and development and
20 years in improvement, innovation, design, strategy and change,
here is the blend of work experience I can bring to your team:
++ Business Model Innovation ++ Customer Journey Design ++
++ Data Mining ++ Design of Experiments ++ Design Thinking ++
++ Hoshin Kanri ++ Lean Manufacturing ++  Project Management ++
++ R-programming ++ Six Sigma ++  TRIZ.

I have
+ lived and worked in Germany, France and Brazil,
+ collected relevant project experience in China, Egypt,
Malaysia, Portugal, the US and most EU-countries.

At school, I have learned Latin and Ancient Greek.
I speak German, French, English and Portugese.

I can help you in my own capacity or in any of my roles.
Thanks to my network, we may also quickly find
the expert you are looking for.

Michael Ohler

Dr. Michael Ohler
Buchsbaumweg 6
D-22880 Wedel

How can I help you?

…via Michael Ohler Consulting

Michael Ohler Consulting
Buchsbaumweg 6
D-22880 Wedel

Systematic and people-oriented methods for strategy, improvement and innovation.

…as Partner Germany at Breakthrough Partners

Breakthrough Partners

The Old Vicarage
Botanical Road
Sheffield S11 8RP
United Kingdom

Out-execute your competition with the fastest way to get your strategy implemented

…as CFO at the European Six Sigma Club Germany e.V.

European Six Sigma Club Deutschland e.V.
Buchsbaumweg 6
D-22880 Wedel

Your network for up-to-date, practical methods for improvement and design. The reference in Germany for Six Sigma training standards.

… as principal at the Lean Methods Group

The Lean Methods Group
555 17th St #400, Denver, CO 80202


As a pioneer in the field of e-Learning, Lean Methods offer state of the art learning and training in the fields of Lean, Six Sigma, Analytics, Innovation and Design.

… as Co-founder at M7M Consulting

M7M Consulting
Soldat Durells gata 30
226 51 Lund

Get a handle on the #1 reason why things aren’t getting done: “no time…”

How can my network help you?

Björn Noreik
BNBeratung – Qualitätsstatistik und Training
Brunnenweg 25a
61231 Bad Nauheim

At least in Germany, Björn is one of the most distinguished experts in data-driven improvement methods, analytics and machine learning.

Dr. Helmut Falser

LinkedIn Profile

His offer

With decades of experience at companies like Apple and Motorola, Helmut combines improvement and innovation methodology with hands-on sales and marketing experience.


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