Trends in the Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression – an underappreciated civil liberty

February 24 2022 was a brutal wakeup call. Under our eyes, things have degraded over the best part of a generation. We could have seen thing coming. Determined people say what they do. And then they do what they say.

With 160+ countries on Planet Earth, a “monitoring system” is required. The data are made available in high quality by the “State of Democracy” platform. Here I scratch the surface of what is possible with these data and merely use the index on Freedom of Expression.

We have taken too lightly when people are deprived of this crucial civil liberty. We need to watch out better.

This will be a job for years to come.Given circumstances, this paper is more “engaged” than others I have put up before on my website. I am convinced, a rational and “scientific” approach is needed to keep focus and alert in time where support and action are required.  

Download “Freedom of Expression: an under-appreciated civil liberty” FreedomOfExpression-2022-04.pdf – Downloaded 43 times – 2 MB

Update (April 18 2022): a html-based report is available here.