Last updated: 18 February 2020

Overview of our Privacy Policy

In a nutshell

The following notes give you an overview of how we collect and process your information. If you want to know more, consult the detailed description provided below.

In case inconsistency between this overview and the detailed description, the latter takes precedence. We ask the users of our website to highlight to us any such inconsistencies in order to allow for a better legibility for all users.

Your rights as a user of our services

As a valued user of our website, you have the right to information, correction, blocking or deletion of your data at any time. Any given consent can be revoked at any time. You can also partially object to the processing of your data, even if no consent was required from you for the processing.

Please contact our data protection officer at any time for further information on privacy issues. Our data protection officer, Michael Ohler, can be reached either by post, (Buchsbaumweg 6, D-22880 Wedel) or by email (

Data we collect about you

We capture data that you voluntarily provide because you are interested in the information provided on our website or because you show interest in doing business with us. This may, for example, be data that you enter in our contact form or to download material from our website. We do not collect and analyze any other of your data (e.g. internet browser, operating system or time of the page request). We also don’t use cookies, mobile advertising IDs or tracking services or social plugins.


When you provide us your email address, unless you tell us otherwise, we assume that you are interested in our news, updates on white papers, services or events.  Of course, this is voluntary and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Payment information

We realize no financial transactions on our website.

If you do business with us, like any other company, we collect, store and use your payment information. We retain this information for as long as legally required, for example with the invoices you sent us or the invoices we sent you.

How we collect your data

We collect your data through your voluntary input only.

What we use your data for

We believe in the impact that systematic and people-oriented methods can make. From your data, we use your email-address to inform you about any updates, news or events.

We do not pass your data on to any other party and do not work with third-party providers that help us process your data.

When you provide us with data for us to do business with you, we use these data only for the purpose of doing business with you.

We may also ask you for a testimonial or to name your organization among our customers. We will ask you for explicit consent on the way how we use that information.

Use of your data for other purposes

In addition to the purposes already mentioned, we are also subject to legal requirements. These are:

  • any request for information and disclosure to governmental authorities
  • any request for information and disclosure to copyright holders
  • for recognition of misuse of our own services.

For more information, download the PDF file Privacy Policy in detail.